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About Us

Seeds of sustainability

Urbfresh cultivates fresh and delicious produce indoors in a conscious and controlled environment with non-GMO seed varieties.

No odds can hinder the growth

Protected from the challenges of pests and the unpredictability of weather conditions, this is vertically-stacked smart farming, indoors.

Why does it make sense?

A Dream To Make The Future Green.

With the outbreak of the ever-increasing population and the lack of resources to meet its needs, agricultural methods require alternative solutions to feed the world.

And while exploring these alternative routes, the onus is on us all to be conscious of the environment. So, vertical farming allows a controlled amount of water and land to produce the same amount of food compared to traditional farming methods WITHOUT the need for long transportation and the need for pesticides and chemicals.

What makes us

Natural Methods

Flavourful Produce


Locally Grown


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