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Free delivery on orders over ₹300 in Noida and on orders over ₹600 in Delhi and Greater Noida.


Is your produce organic?

With a focus on hydroponic methods, we grow our greens without the use of soil which means they aren’t treated with pesticides or herbicides; making our produce perfect and even exceeding ‘certified’ ones.


The organic certification process ensures that food is produced in the soil. However, this does not necessarily address quality, safety, resource consumption, or nutritional value - all concerns that are addressed by Urbfresh through its high-quality fresh produce grown locally all year long!

Do I need to wash my greens?

Many of our customers, including chefs, eat and serve our greens right out of the package, while others give them a quick rinse or whirl through a salad spinner. The choice is yours!

How long do they last?

When refrigerated, the greens will last a good 10-12 days. But we recommend consuming them within 7 days to get their nutritional value, aroma, and flavour fully intact!

When will I receive my order?

Your order is delivered fresh from the harvest as it’s harvested just one hour before it reaches you. All the orders placed before 4 pm will reach on the same day.

How do I modify my order?

We’re available on Whatsapp for any modifications to the greens

The locations we deliver to?

Currently we are delivering to Noida only


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