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Sweet Blend Microgreen

Experience the vibrant freshness of our Microgreen Sweet Blend, a nutritious mix of succulent pea shoots and earthy beetroot leaves. Perfect for adding a crunchy, sweet twist to salads, sandwiches, and dishes. Grown organically, harvested young for peak flavor and nutrition. Elevate your meals with this wholesome, colorful blend.


Spicy Blend Microgreen

Ignite your taste buds with our Spicy Blend Microgreens, featuring a fiery duo of mustard greens and purple radish. This blend offers a peppery kick and a splash of color to any dish, ideal for salads, tacos, and wraps. Cultivated for their intense flavor and nutritional punch, these microgreens add zest and vitality to your culinary creations.




Rs. 220.00

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